Amnesty Urgent Actions
Accueil Urgent Actions 2023 01


Justice for victim of torture at risk
In October 2019, Moisés Órdenes was attacked by Chilean police officers, Carabineros, while peacefully demonstrating. Over three years since then, on 5 December 2022, the public prosecutor at Santiago’s Eastern Metropolitan Office in charge of investigating the case decided to close its investigation into seven out of the 13 officers charged with the attack. Moises’ family and lawyers claim there are inquiries left to be performed and that the investigation is far from exhaustive. We call on the Regional Prosecutor at Santiago’s Eastern Metropolitan Office to reopen the investigation into those seven officers and guarantee Moisés Órdenes’ right to justice.
Execution set for murder of police officer
Wesley Ruiz is scheduled to be executed in Texas on 1 February 2023. This 43-year-old Mexican American was sentenced to death in 2008 for the murder of a white police officer in March 2007. According to his clemency petition, the jury was not presented with certain compelling mitigating evidence, including about the defendant’s childhood of deprivation, abuse and neglect and its effects on his psychological functioning. The foreperson of the jury is among those who now support clemency.
Youth with mental disability risks execution
Mohammad Ghobadlou is at grave risk of execution in connection with Iran’s nationwide protests. He has received two death sentences after grossly unfair sham trials, marred by torture-tainted «confessions» and failure to order rigorous mental health assessments despite his mental disability. International law and standards prohibit using the death penalty against people with mental disabilities.
Protect two Gaza women in grave danger
Two Palestinian women have not been heard from since 6 January after the Palestinian security services in the Gaza Strip forced them back into the custody of their abusive father. Wissam al-Tawil, 24, and her sister Fatimah al-Tawil, 20, have faced multiple forms of violence at the hands of their father, including beatings, death threats and «interrogations» at gunpoint. Amnesty International is asking for proof that Wissam and Fatimah al-Tawil are alive and safe and for the authorities in Gaza to grant them immediate protection from all forms of gender-based violence. The authorities in the Gaza Strip are obligated under Palestinian and international law to act with due diligence to prevent violence by private individuals against women and girls and to protect women and girls from it.
NGOs in Venezuela at risk
On 24 January 2023, the Venezuelan National Assembly took its first step to approve a bill seeking to control, restrict, and potentially criminalise and close NGOs operating in Venezuela. If this bill passes, all Venezuelan NGOs will have to comply with abusive measures or face criminal prosecution. Measures include disclosing information on their funding, staff, and governance, and would violate the rights to association, privacy, and others, putting NGOs and their beneficiaries at grave risk of criminalisation and reprisals. We call on the National Assembly to immediately put a stop to this bill and cease all attacks on civil society.
Tortured protesters sentenced to death
Young protesters Javad Rouhi, Mehdi Mohammadifard and Arshia Takdastan are at risk of execution in Iran following grossly unfair trials in connection with protests in Noshahr, Mazandaran province. The Revolutionary Court stated that they «incited riots» by dancing, clapping, chanting or throwing headscarves into bonfires. Authorities subjected them to beatings, floggings, electric shocks, suspension, death threats and sexual violence to extract «confessions».
Zum Gedenken an Luiz Basílio Rossi
«Meine Peiniger wollten mich brechen und isolieren, alle Verbindungen zur Aussenwelt kappen. Doch die Urgent Action von Amnesty hat diese Isolation durchbrochen» Amnesty International trauert um Luiz Basílio Rossi. Der brasilianische Gewerkschaftsaktivist und Geschichtsprofessor starb am 23. Januar 2023 im Alter von 83 Jahren in Brasília. Seine Geschichte wurde zu einem Meilenstein für Amnesty – denn tausende Solidaritätsbriefe aus aller Welt bewirkten seine Freilassung.
Human rights lawyer sentenced in absentia
On 21 November 2022, security agents arrested and imprisoned prominent human rights lawyer Mohamed Ziane, around one hour after the Rabat court of appeal confirmed his sentencing of three years in prison in absentia. The 11 charges against him are unrelated and include bogus charges of insulting public officials and institutions, defamation and marital infidelity. The only recognisable charge against him, that of sexual assault, should be dealt with through proceedings that meet international fair trial standards.
Man at risk of forcible return and torture
On 14 January 2023, Moroccan security officers detained Saudi citizen Hassan Al Rabea at Marrakesh airport at the request of Saudi Arabia who has charged him with terrorism- related crimes. He remains in detention in Rabat, the capital, and is at risk of forcible return to Saudi Arabia where he could face serious human rights violations, including torture and other ill-treatment. The Moroccan authorities must release him and under no means carry out his extradition request.
Two water defenders killed
Aly Magdaleno Domínguez Ramos and Jairo Bonilla Ayala, members of the popular resistance of Guapinol (department of Colón, northern Honduras) against an iron ore mine, were found death in the community of Guapinol on 7 January 2023. They were intercepted by armed assailants, shot and killed on the spot, according to their relatives. Aly is the brother of Reynaldo Domínguez, and both are among the 32 people criminalized by the mining company Inversiones Los Pinares and the State of Honduras for defending the Carlos Escaleras National Park. We demand the Honduran authorities to ensure a prompt, thorough and impartial investigations, and take immediate steps to fully provide appropriate protection.