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Amnesty Urgent Actions
Startseite Urgent Actions 2023 07


Woman disappeared amid possible femicide
Cecilia Strzyzowski (28 years old) has been missing since June 1. She was last seen with her husband, César Sena, in Resistencia, Province of Chaco, Argentina. Her disappearance is being investigated as a femicide after possible human bones, blood traces and pieces of clothing were found at two properties belonging to Sena’s family who are powerful local leaders and were pre-candidates for the recent provincial elections. As a part of the investigation, César Sena and his parents have been detained. We demand an effective, impartial, independent, timely and gender-sensitive investigation to establish the truth about the disappearance and possible femicide of Cecilia Strzyzowksi.
Students arrested for peaceful protest
On 17 May, six University of Zimbabwe students, Benjamin Watadza, Emmanuel Chitima, Comfort Mpofu, Lionel Madamombe, Gamuchirai Chaburumunda and Darlington Chigwena, were arrested for staging a peaceful protest in Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital. The protest aimed to demand an end to the persecution of opposition politicians, including Job Sikhala. Five of the students have been detained since their arrest and have missed exams after being denied bail and their request to sit for «special exams» was rejected by the University of Zimbabwe. Amnesty International calls on the Zimbabwean authorities to grant the students’ immediate release.
Execution set of man with mental disability
Johnny Johnson, a 45-year-old man long diagnosed with severe mental disabilities, including schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder, is scheduled to be executed in Missouri on 1 August 2023 for the 2002 murder of a six-year-old girl. His lawyers have presented the findings of a neuropsychiatrist that he does not have a rational understanding of the reason for his punishment, instead believing Satan is using the State to execute him to bring about the end of the world. International law prohibits the execution of people with serious mental disabilities, including those with a diminished ability to understand the reasons for their sentence.
Spanish citizen held incommunicado
Mariano García Calatayud, a 75-year-old Spanish volunteer humanitarian worker, was forcibly disappeared by the occupying Russian authorities on 19 March 2022 in the Ukrainian city of Kherson. He disappeared after he attended a peaceful protest against the occupation. Russian authorities have been holding him incommunicado since then, and first officially acknowledged his detention in April 2023 only but gave no legal grounds for it. In May 2023, independent Russian media sources published testimonies of former prisoners who confirmed hie poor health and claimed they’d witnessed Mariano García Calatayud being tortured by prison guards.
Human rights defenders at risk, 40+ days of vigil
84-year-old human rights defender Amparo Carvajal has spent over 45 days in vigil in cold temperatures outside the Permanent Assembly on Human Rights in Bolivia (APDHB) in La Paz. On 2 June, dozens of people raided the APDHB’s office (of which Amparo is president) and forced staff to abandon the premises. On 12 July, Amparo managed to enter the offices by way of a ladder and has been sleeping on the roof of the office for days with no access to water nor bathroom or proper shelter. She and her colleagues are the subject of threats and intimidation. The APDHB offices remain occupied, and dozens of police are blocking the entrance. We demand authorities allow Amparo and members of the APDHB to enter the offices to carry out their human rights work, as well as guarantee their health, physical integrity, and safety.
Jailed Egyptian physician must be released
On 23 May, the Supreme Court in Riyadh, the Saudi capital, upheld the 10-year prison sentence of Egyptian national and physician Dr. Sabri Shalaby. The Specialized Criminal Court (SCC) sentenced him to 10 years in prison on trumped up terrorism-related charges following a grossly unfair trial. He was held in solitary confinement for the first ten months of his detention and in incommunicado detention for three months during this period. Amnesty International urges the Saudi Arabian authorities to release Dr. Sabri Shalaby immediately. Pending his release, he must be granted immediate access to adequate medical care.
Environmental rights defender at risk
Angélique Decampe, President of the community association Razan'ny Vohibola, is an environmental human rights defender, actively involved in protecting the Vohibola forest in Madagascar. On 5 July, three men who had been illegally cutting down forest trees came to her home and made death threats to her. She was targeted after she took photos of their illegal activities in connection to her conservation work. Angélique is at high risk and the authorities must investigate these death threats and take all necessary steps to protect environmental rights defenders like her.
Military prosecutor forcibly disappeared
Farouq Alsqidig Abdulsalam Ben Saeed, a military prosecutor, has been forcibly disappeared since armed men in plainclothes abducted him from a Tripoli street on 26 June. His family lodged complaints with the police and prosecution authorities but received no information about his fate and whereabouts. There are credible reports that he is being held by the Deterrence Apparatus for Combating Terrorism and Organized Crime, a state-backed militia notorious for committing gross human rights violations, including torture and other ill-treatment, raising fears for his safety and wellbeing. Amnesty International calls on the Libyan authorities must immediately reveal his fate and whereabouts.
Youth unjustly jailed in relation to protest
Badr Mohamed is serving an unjust five-year prison sentence following his conviction in January 2023 in connection to the Ramsis Square protests on 16 August 2013, when he was 17 years old. His trial before a terrorism circuit of the Cairo Criminal Court was grossly unfair. He is held at the Badr Prison Complex in conditions that violate the absolute prohibition of torture and other ill-treatment and is denied healthcare despite suffering from toothaches, vision impairment, inability to sleep and mental health concerns.
Human rights defender detained for protesting
Alberto Nallar, human rights lawyer who played a very active role in the protests in the Jujuy Province that began on 15 June, was detained on 13 July and charged with the crime of sedition. Since 14 July, Alberto Nallar has been under house arrest.
Families and detainees at risk after massacre
A massacre broke out on 22 July in del Litoral, Ecuador´s largest prison, in the city of Guayaquil. The first reports pointed to several deaths, as well as hunger strikes, and 137 prison guards taken hostage simultaneously in several prisons around the country. The president declared a state of emergency in all prisons on 24 July. On 25 July 2,700 security police and military entered del Litoral prison. As of 27 July, the total number of deaths confirmed from the massacre is 31, with 14 wounded. Family members await outside the prison, traumatized by lack of information and forensic services that are struggling to properly identify cadavers and provide information. Prisoners inside the prison lack proper safety and health services.