Amnesty Urgent Actions
Accueil Urgent Actions 2023 11


Truth and justice for disappeared activist
On 19 September 2020, a group of armed men abducted Sajjad al-Iraqi, a prominent protester and activist involved in the 2019 Tishreen [October] protest movement, from a vehicle he was travelling in with his friends in Nasiriya, Thi Qar governorate, Iraq. More than three years after his abduction, his whereabouts remain unknown, and his family have been subjected to threats as they pursue truth and justice. On 22 March 2023, the Dhi Qar Criminal Court sentenced to death in absentia two individuals convicted for kidnapping Sajjad al-Iraqi, but no arrests have been made. The Iraqi authorities must reveal the fate and whereabouts of Sajjad al-Iraqi, ensure his family is protected from reprisals, and hold those found to be responsible to account in fair trials without recourse to the death penalty.
Rights lawyer imprisoned for peaceful protest
Human rights defender and pro-democracy activist Anon Nampa has received two prison sentences for peacefully exercising his rights and faces multiple further charges that could lead to decades’ imprisonment. He is currently held in Bangkok Remand Prison and authorities are denying him his right to bail.
Refugees in Peru face impossible deadline
As of 10 November 2023, Venezuelan nationals in Peru will no longer be able to apply for temporary protection. This status is essential for refugees to have a regular migratory status, access to basic rights, and protection against forced returns to Venezuela. Survivors of gender-based violence face heightened risks if excluded from this status. Venezuelan refugees should be granted temporary protection through programmes that are fully accessible, making such deadlines contrary to international protection obligations. We call on the Superintendent of Migrations to repeal this deadline, or at least extend it, to ensure all Venezuelans can apply for the permit.
Climate displaced community needs urgent relocation
Eighty-four people from the «El Bosque» community, in southern Mexico, were evacuated to Frontera village (12 km far from El Bosque) on 1 November 2023 due to sea level rise and the devastating effects of the climate crisis. Mexican authorities promised to relocate the community in April 2023 in the face of the terrible impacts of sea level rise, that has threatened the community since 2019. Despite the continued destruction of homes and critical infrastructure, the relocation has not yet materialized. The Mexican State must guarantee the human rights of the people from El Bosque in face of the current humanitarian emergency, and immediately provide participatory and just relocation.
Stop deporting Afghan refugees
On 3 October 2023, the Pakistani government announced its decision to deport unregistered Afghan refugees back to danger in Afghanistan by 1 November, in brazen breach of its international obligations. Since November, authorities have deported Afghans and increased the crackdown on unregistered Afghan refugees, which has resulted in arbitrary arrests, unlawful detentions of refugees and separation of families, including minors, women, and older people. Authorities have not allowed access to detention centres recently set up for deportation purposes. Houses of Afghan refugees have also been demolished, and properties seized. It is imperative to demand that the Government of Pakistan immediately halt the continued detentions, deportations and widespread harassment of Afghan refugees.